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Did you know that acupuncture can help your whole body?  From your head all the way down to your toes, acupuncture can help treat different symptoms, whether it’s physical or mental.  Things such as hair loss to a sore throat to muscle pain, acupuncture is an amazing side effect free way to help you. Continue reading to learn about 8 different symptoms that acupuncture can help YOU with.

1- How can acupuncture help my hair loss?

According to Chinese medicine, to have healthy hair you need a good flow of qi (the energy that flows through every living being) and blood.  If you have stagnation of one of those elements it can reflect on your scalp. You may have a medical condition such as alopecia areata or are having chemotherapy. Other reasons you may be losing your hair could be the result of a  poor diet, high stress, old age or a hormone imbalance. Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to help with your hair loss. Your acupuncturist will focus on specific parts of your scalp and you will need many treatments to start seeing the results you’re looking for. Here at artkarma, we use acupuncture to nourish your scalp, warm it and increase the qi to help your hair regrow naturally.  Acupuncture reduces follicle inflammations, creating the perfect environment for your hair to grow back. Besides that, it increases blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating the follicles, and therefore delivering nutrients, which also helps with hair growth. Come book an appointment with Milena and check it out yourself!

2- Can acupuncture help with your migraine?

Simple answer- absolutely. Everybody experiences some form of a headache, it may be because of a weather change, sickness or your starring at a computer screen for too long. All we know is that the source of the headache doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s hard to get rid of once it’s arrived.  Your headache can bring you either minor or severe pain, but either way, it will take time away from your daily activities and make you like not yourself. Acupuncture is an amazing option for those who suffer from headaches and want to avoid harmful medications. There have been studies that prove how acupuncture is just as effective for helping people with headaches as drug therapy. The acupuncture treatment works by stimulating the muscle nerves which leads to the release of endorphins, and in turn, changes the process of pain in the brain and it also reduces inflammation.

3-Can acupuncture help allergies?

Yes! An allergy is simply a reaction by your immune system to a normally harmless substance (allergen). The most common allergies are pollen, dust, and pet hair. Acupuncture helps the nerves of the immune system and regulates the mechanisms and transport of substances that can be inflammatory. It works through the stimulation of the lung energy and regulation of the liver which will improve your body’s response to the allergens. If you suffer from allergy symptoms, you should come to visit Milena at artkarma acupuncture to improve your TCM disharmonies. It’s Spring, which is known for warm weather and as the allergy season (unfortunately)! Don’t wait until you have an allergy attack to get the benefits of acupuncture- book your appointment at artkarma today and we will work on improving your immune system so you can enjoy the warm weather to come in beautiful Barrie.

4- How can acupuncture help my acid reflux?

Although you love a certain type of food, you may hold off on eating it because of acid reflux. Although all of us have different reactions to food, the most common for acid reflux are citrus fruits, chocolate, spicy foods, and caffeine. Acupuncture can actually help with your acid reflux! The acupuncture points are located in your stomach area, lowers arms, legs, head and back- all of these points can control and help with the pain of acid reflux, so you can have those spicy wings and not think twice.

5- How can acupuncture help my sore throat?

A sore throat causes you to feel pain, scratchiness, and tenderness. Usually, a sore throat is a sign that a cold is coming. Although acupuncture will not cure a cold, it can definitely help reduce the symptoms and help you to get better quicker. Some studies show that acupuncture can reduce sore throat pain within a minute of treatment. It restores the energy flow by addressing the several meridian points on the body. Your acupuncturist will access the point related to inflammation, and reduce the feeling of a dry, and scratchy throat. Although people may experience the same symptoms, the causes can be very different. You will need a custom treatment plan created just for you by your acupuncturist.

6- Is acupuncture good for back pain?

Definitely. Actually, back pain is one of the main reasons people look for acupuncture treatment. The back pain is normally caused by an over-used or torn muscle and not taking the proper precautions before lots of movement. Acupuncture is an effective tool for treating chronic lower back pain. Acupuncture works by helping to trigger the release of natural opioids. Opioids are chemicals located in the brain that help reduce pain and can even promote a better nights sleep.  Your treatment will work by changing your brain chemistry through neurotransmitters and neurohormones, which can stimulate your nerves. It’s important to mention that regular pain medication may offer relief, but it is temporary and does not treat the cause of the pain like acupuncture does. Many patients come to see Milena at artkarma when their pain is unbearable or when the medication is not helping anymore. Don’t wait! Book your appointment today!


7- Can acupuncture help you to lose weight?

When you combine traditional methods of weight loss such as diet and exercise with acupuncture, you increase your chances of losing weight. Acupuncture helps you to lose weight by inserting needles into your body as a way to stimulate the release of endorphins which makes you feel less hungry and more relaxed. This way, you won’t feel the need for excessive eating, which usually happens when you are feeling stressed or frustrated. Acupuncture is an awesome way to help people avoid resorting to weight loss pills or detox drinks that hurt your stomach. Your acupuncture treatment must be administered by a qualified acupuncturist and should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Acupuncture is more of a support system and not a life long solution. Come see Milena at artkarma to help you attain your weight loss goals.

8- Can acupuncture help with stress and high blood pressure?

Yes, acupuncture can help settle your stress! Acupuncture is very calming and puts your body in a relaxed state which helps alleviate you from stress. Stress can do a lot of bad things to your body such as; make you feel anxious, sick and make your organs weaker over time. Acupuncture acts like therapy for the nervous system and gets the brain to behave in the correct way- for desired effects.

Why artkarma acupuncture?

Artkarma acupuncture is located in Barrie, Ontario and owned by the founder, Milena Nikolic. Milena is both an experienced Physiotherapist & Registered Acupuncturist. She offers a combination of eastern and western techniques to acupuncture treatments and physiotherapy. She loves answering any questions you may have about acupuncture and the goals of your treatment. Milena always goes out of her way to meet the needs of her clients and makes herself available for you. Check out her website to learn more about the services she offers and you can fill out her contact form if you have any questions!

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