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What’s keeping you up at night? Maybe you have high stress from work, you’re caught up in some drama, or you’re up late texting your significant other. You might feel like there is no cure and you’ll never experience a proper night sleep again but don’t stop dreaming just yet! Did you know that acupuncture can actually help you seep? I’ll prove it to you, but first here are the most common reasons that many people experience insomnia today.

Cell phones: Yes, that device you use every day and while you’re lying awake in your bed trying to fall asleep. It’s the last thing you touch before trying to sleep and the first thing you grab to shut-off your alarm in the morning. It has been studied many times that the blue light omitted off of our screens, whether that be a cell phone, tablet or laptop actually may be the cause of many people’s chronic insomnia.

Eating too late at night: Do you like making a late dinner or maybe even eating your dessert and snacks in bed while watching your favourite show? (hey, I’m guilty too). Your body is restless because it needs to digest the food you’ve put in it and it’s working to give you a burst of energy, which you don’t need before you fall asleep. Some foods even contain caffeine like certain cereals and chocolate frozen yogurt. Caffeine works to keep your body awake, even when your mind disagrees.

Stress: No matter how much you do yoga, breathe, stretch, drink water, sometimes your stress just will not disappear. I’m sure you’ve tried every stress remedy in the book or on Pinterest and you still cannot find a way to ease your mind. Whatever you’re stressing over, it’s probably keeping you up at night.

Remember, these are only three of the most common reasons that cause sleep deprivation but there could be many other reasons to why your shut-eye seems more like a quick blink. Let’s talk about insomnia? What is it anyway? Well according to an article from Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine; New York Vol. 2016, “insomnia is a subjective experience of sleep with its quality or amount insufficient to meet the physiological needs as a result of difficulties in sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance. It can influence social functions. It is one of the most common sleep disorders”. Don’t feel alone, many people experience insomnia as well, which is a fact that doesn’t help you get to sleep but will maybe put your mind at ease.  

Many people trust more natural remedies to help cure their stress and insomnia instead of turning to unnecessary prescribed medication. The most popular with helping you get a better nights sleep is acupuncture. So what is acupuncture? Acupuncture has been around for about 4,000 years and has continually proven itself as a method to help people with different medical issues all over the world. Acupuncture is based on a theory that believes energy flow (Qi) can be targeted to create balance and health. There are 365 openings in the body where acupuncture needles can be inserted to modify the flow of Qi, which promotes the body’s self-healing process. The needles used are about as thin as two strands of human hair and are not painful.

How does acupuncture help you sleep? By moving all that energy around in your body, you become relaxed. Many people become so relaxed that they start to doze off or fall completely asleep during their session. Aculand is the feeling of a dozy state right after your session of acupuncture. Some clients like to go home and relax right after their appointment and experience a great nights sleep. For some, It does take many sessions of continual acupuncture appointments to have the restful state your craving but for many, they experience positive results from just one session. Overall, acupuncture helps to better improve both your sleep time and daytime functions. There have been many studies conducted which prove that acupuncture can help with insomnia. Don’t believe me? An interesting study has been conducted in 2017 on insomnia and acupuncture. This is just one study of many that have linked a better night’s sleep to acupuncture. Did you know that Acupuncture actually helps with many different pains in the body? Although it may not always physically hurt you, stress is one of those pains that acupuncture is known to help you cope with!

So how can you help your body beat your insomnia? I strongly believe calming and relaxing music can help put people into a restful state, this is called music therapy. Music can help calm your stress and anxiety while promoting a positive environment. Music therapy combined with acupuncture has helped a lot of different people with various medical conditions according to clinical trials. I have created the perfect soothing soundtrack for you to close your eyes to and you can download the video for free by clicking on the button below. You can listen to the music at the bottom of this blog but if you don’t want to keep your computer running on all night, download the video! Listen to 21 minutes of relaxing music and images on repeat if you wish. Just sign up for my monthly newsletter by typing in your e-mail and the downloadable link will come straight to your inbox. I also suggest giving Artkarma Acupuncture a chance to help reduce your stress and put you to sleep. I promise that there are only good side effects to acupuncture and you should be embracing them. Let me put you to sleep by booking an appointment with Artkarma today!

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